Fragmented fuel market and wide variations in fuel quality are two risks that threaten operational reliability and thus profitability in global shipping.
Owners and ship managers bank on Aderco products as an integral part of their strategy to maintain asset value, improve efficiency and reduce emissions.
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Power Generation

In many locations, oil-fired power plants remain the most feasible and cost-effective means to provide vital electricity. The scalable infrastructure needed to harness nature’s renewable energy resources is not yet ready.
Until it is, Aderco’s smart solution are reducing cost while improving operational reliability shrinking carbon footprints.
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Mining operation are an exercise in managing the toughest constraints, starting with an often-times challenging and remote operating environment. The experience gained from addressing the issue of vessels at sea, where there is, equally, little margin for error, puts Aderco in a unique position to understand the needs of mining companies. Aderco’s proven smart solution ensure that quotas are met, uptime is maximized and costs are kept under control.
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Road and Rail Transportation

Around the world, fleets of locomotives, trucks and buses run on fuel treated with Aderco solution to ensure operational readiness at all times and reduce emissions.
Implementing an Aderco fuel treatment solution is the best insurance against unexpected downtime, repair costs and regulatory pressures. Also, public perception of diesel fuel is shifting and our fuel treatment play a key role in mitigating particulate matter emission.
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Commercial Fuel Conditioning

Aderco enables independent fuel station operators around the world to offer consistent quality and premium grades, turning a cost factor in to a profit engine. Delivering a better fuel also helps build customer loyalty, which drives frequency which, in turn, drives shop sales.
The long-term savings from cleaner fuel in storage tanks, pumps and lines count, too: Maintenance and repair costs are significantly reduce for perfect peace of mind in a competitive market.
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