Chembulk Tankers LLC Interview

We have interviewed Captain Melbourne Pinks, SVP Commercial Operations of Chembulk Tankers LLC, about their experience with our Aderco's products. The company owns and operates a fleet of stainless-steel chemical tankers ranging from 8.500 to 35,000 DWT. Chembulk Tankers has been an Aderco's client since 2019. Here are the answers of Captain Pinks: 

What is the average age of your fleet, and are you using Aderco's products in all or only some of them? "All the Tankers were 10 - 15+ years of age. We used Aderco products in all the vessels we owned."

For which type of bunker are you using Aderco's products: "VLSFO and LSMGO."

For which type of problems has Chembulk Tankers used Aderco's products? "We used Aderco products with immense success cleaning fuel tanks ahead of IMO 2020. We use Aderco continually on all fuels at the prescribed doses to reduce sludge build-up and stop separation. Also, when we have fuels that are marginally on spec / off spec against ISO 8217, have lubricity, cloud point and other issues after VPS testing, we seek Aderco's advice and dose tanks accordingly, again with immense success."

Where do you receive our products, how they are made available to your vessels, and where are they stored onboard? "Due to Aderco's products being non-haz, we have received the products globally at the main ports and hubs. When needed, Aderco has shipped to outports. The products are kept in the engine drum storage room."

Is there anything else that you would like to add? "Aderco's products (unlike many others) totally lived up to all the performance claims. We were and still are very happy with the service and service follow-up, which has been a standard-bearer for the ship supply industry." 

We thank Captain Melbourne Pinks and Chembulk Tankers LLC for this quite insightful interview.