Worldwide Distribution

"Worldwide distribution, including by air." This is a phrase we include in the profile material of our powerful 2055G, L1050 and other Aderco products. How is it possible that a company headquartered in a mountainous country such as Switzerland can make such an offer to shipping companies? We may be located in a landlocked country, but we have distribution facilities near some of the most important maritime hubs of the world. 

This is the reason why we can make such a bold statement: worldwide distribution. Of course, when a delivery is requested urgently in other ports, we can transport it by air. Such worldwide distribution is a key reason behind the continuous deliveries to our shipping customers, despite the pandemic having severely affected logistics chains globally. But, of course, another important reason is our secret formulae, entirely vegetal, in combination with the distribution of our products.

But where are our main distribution places located? You can find the list of ports Aderco serves below:

In the Far East: 

Singapore, Singapore;
Shanghai, China;
Qingdao, China;
Busan, South Korea;

In the Middle East: 

Jebel Ali, UAE;

In Europe

Rotterdam, Netherlands;
Antwerp, Belgium;
Valencia, Spain;
Algeciras, Spain;
Amsterdam, Netherlands;
Humberside, UK;
Piraeus, Greece;
Turkey, Istanbul;

In North America: 

Houston, USA;
New York, USA;
Montreal, Canada;
Los Angeles, USA;
New Orleans, USA;
Vancouver, Canada;
Miami, USA.

In Central America: 

Panama City, Panama;

And we also deliver by air primarily using the following airports: 
Zaventem, Belgium; 
Amsterdam, Netherlands; 
Singapore, Singapore.