Heavy industries, mining companies, and environmental challenge - the Aderco challenge.

The general public generally misunderstands the issues behind fuel treatment, especially in the heavy industry sectors. By optimizing their combustion, a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions is achieved, along with rational use of energy resources. Framed this way, it is hard to determine which takes priority: ecological concern or financial interest...
An economical and 100% natural solution
What Aderco, a company initially specializing in fuel treatment for maritime transport and shipping, demonstrates is that there is ultimately no need to choose. One can simultaneously reduce costs and meet communication requirements. Maintaining engines, improving fuel energy efficiency, and combating co2. For 40 years, Aderco has developed 100% vegetable-organic fuel treatment, distinguishing itself from nearly all its competitors. Moreover, by expanding into the industrial industry, the Swiss company has obtained a valuable certification. The SGS (general society of surveillance) has indeed established that the use of its additives reduces fuel consumption by 5.1%. Therefore, an indisputable double-advantage. And, consequently, millions of tons less co2 emitted.
Africa, a continent of the future
With its entry into the industrial market, Aderco has attracted international interest from fuel stations, power plants, and especially the mining sector. Guinea Conakry is an excellent example in this regard. Some African ministries, driven by the desire to decarbonize their industries, have agreed to collaborate with the Swiss company... A new and promising attention is emerging, even from private companies. Africa is indeed the least polluting continent, but its development is underway, and the desire for growth does not diminish the commitment to do better. Non-polluting production methods will support industrial dynamics because no one will escape the effects of climate change.
Profiting from carbon credits
It is estimated that by 2050, the mining sector will have decarbonized by 90% through energy and technological alternatives. However, there will still be 10% of unavoidable emissions, and "green companies" can sell their surplus carbon credits to those exceeding the allowed limit. It is understood that a vegetable-organic additive, such as those offered by Aderco, serves both as a solution and an opportunity. Any company collaborating in this direction will, from now on, contribute to a virtuous approach, indicating its environmental care and future vision. Once again, a beautiful way to align financial reasoning and sustainability. The future belongs to winning strategies.
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