Aderco invited to attend COP28 by the Ministry of Environment, Guinea

We express our heartfelt appreciation to the Minister of Environment of Guinea and Mrs. Doumbouya, National Director of Nuisance & Pollution, as well as the General Secretary of the Ministry of Environment for extending the extraordinary opportunity to participate in COP28 UAE. It was an invaluable experience to engage in a productive discussion about Guinea's Decarbonisation Roadmap.

We are also grateful to Mr. Ibrahima Sory Youla for organizing a session highlighting the positive impact of our vegetal-organic surfactant technology on decarbonizing the mining sector. This provided us with a wonderful opportunity to have insightful conversations with various national ministries and NGOs.

Furthermore, during COP28, Aderco had the privilege to meet and engage in discussions with numerous key stakeholders in the ecological transition, an area in which we are deeply committed and actively involved.

Finally, a very special THANK YOU to Alpha.

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