Aderco and PEI Tech - Sailing Towards Sustainability

Maritime companies are facing increasing pressure to reduce emissions and improve sustainability. Aderco, a pioneer in renewable, environmentally friendly fuel solutions, has consistently been a leader in this journey. Steven Putnam, Managing Director of PEI TECH LLC, the official #USA representative for #Aderco, discusses how their collaboration is helping companies to achieve their environmental and operational goals while supporting the race to decarbonisation.
Aderco: A Green Partner
After receiving many client requests for more environmentally friendly fuel additives, Steve's path crossed with Aderco. Steve explains, "As a competitor in the market, I wasn't aware of Aderco, but their renewable and emissions-reducing product instantly caught my attention. I wanted to be part of the group, so I interviewed with Aderco leadership, which lead to me heading up their US operations. It's been an exciting and wonderful journey, and I'm proud to be a part of the Aderco Family and all they stand for.
Decarbonisation with Aderco
Aderco's nearly four-decade-old product offers a renewable, eco-friendly solutions to decarbonization. Steve underscores, "Our competitors offer good products, but they are solvent and petroleum based. Aderco provides a renewable solution that reduces emissions, aiding decarbonisation and global operations while enhancing clients' operational performance."
Seamlessly aligning with the maritime industry's quest for lower emissions and sustainability, Steve explains, "Our solutions harmonise with new regulations, ensuring compliance and improving efficiency. We are an integral part of the solution, contributing to sales growth and effective communication.
Steve explains:
"Our clients are happy and we've had ship owners achieve top value for their vessels with Aderco. In a fragmented industry with global operations and varying fuels, Aderco mitigates challenges, minimising disruptions while reducing fuel consumption and emissions."
The Road to Net Zero Emissions
In an industry that is spotlighting alternative fuels and technologies, Aderco remains relevant. Steve states: "Aderco's forty years of proven experience keep us ahead of the game. As long as the industry burns liquid fuels, we'll be there, adapting to the future."
A Sustainable Journey Ahead
In the ongoing evolution towards maritime sustainability and net-zero emissions, PEI Tech and Aderco continue to lead the industry. Steve concludes, "We focus on providing environmentally friendly solutions, always looking to benefit our clients. We also represent wind propulsion systems, aligning with our commitment to eco-friendly solutions. Our shared mission is not just good for business; it's a vital step towards a greener, sustainable future."
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