Pioneering Sustainable Innovations in Mining and Maritime in Canada with Megalab

In a world where industries are progressively moving towards sustainability, businesses are seeking partners that offer solutions to meet growing demands for cleaner operations. Aderco’s partnership with Mégalab - Aderco Canada, based in Quebec, provides the Canadian mining and maritime industry a local hub, helping to meet increasing pressure for greener operations.
Stephen Barrette, the Sales Director at Megalab, shed light on this partnership in a recent interview. "There's a lot coming down the pipeline; there's a new project we're working on that’s going to showcase the power of Aderco as a decarbonisation tool to the Canadian mining market," Stephen said
Megalab's Unique Position
Founded over 40 years ago, Megalab has been working closely with Aderco for well over a decade. Megalab’s Canadian market has a robust maritime industry, a strong mining industry, and an inland industry, making it an ideal partner for Aderco. "We’re more than just sales agents for Aderco, we’re also a stock point, managing all the inventory and the maritime and mining deliveries across Canada," Stephen remarked.
The unique relationship between Aderco and Megalab isn't just founded on business; it's rooted in history. Aderco originated in Montreal, and the founder of Megalab had a relationship with Aderco's previous owner. This partnership only grew stronger when president, Dany Ghoche saw the opportunity to take on the distribution role in Canada.
"Megalab is a small outfit with big ambitions," Stephen proudly stated, "As we grow, we can add more focus. My focus since I've been here is Aderco and growing that business."
Tackling Challenges Head-On
When asked about the challenges in Canadian mines, Stephen mentioned that similar fuel is used across Canada, leading to the same set of issues. "Specific to our marine customers, in the past 18 months, we’ve seen a massive influx of bacteria in fuel. We’ve gained a handful of customers just by providing a solution to help prevent these problems."
In regards to Mining, Stephen also believes that times have changed. The conversations with mining companies now revolve around sustainability and actionable changes.
Aderco's Mission
When asked about Aderco’s role in both Mining and Maritime’s bid to achieve net zero emissions, he responded, "Aderco’s mission is being the bridge between what we had and what we’re going to have." He emphasised that while the energy of the future may not exist yet, Aderco can provide solutions in the meantime that are instant.
Regarding the future role of Aderco and Megalab, Stephen believes that even if a net-zero solution is developed, companies won’t shift overnight. "There is still a place for Aderco, and will be for a while," he stated.
Final Words of Advice
Stephen wrapped up the conversation with hope for the mining industry, "We are starting to see a massive shift towards decarbonisation, and companies are moving quickly towards their goals."
Through the efforts of Megalab, Aderco is increasing in its impact on Canadian mines and marine operations and paints a promising picture of the future of sustainable operations. With efforts like those we’ve seen from Stephen Barrette and Megalab, the future seems not only bright but green.
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