Interview of Mr. Amit Ghosh, Fleet Technical Manager of Campbell Shipping

Today we are delighted to share a new short interview with Mr. Amit Ghosh,  Fleet Technical Manager of Campbell Shipping - Campbell Bulk - Campbell Cruise & Yachts , another of our clients. Campbell has headquarters in Nassau, Bahamas, and offices in Mumbai, Myanmar, and Singapore . The company operates a modern fleet (about seven years old) of nineteen vessels, fifteen dry-bulkers and four passenger ships. Here is the exchange with Mr. Amit Ghosh about their experience with Aderco's products. 

Why did Campbell Shipping decide to start using Aderco's products?

"Joining the company in 2017, I noticed that they were not using a suitable additive. So we did a benchmarking with different products, and Aderco came as the most suitable solution."
Have you been using Aderco's products in all your vessels?

"We use them across our fleet of bulk carriers, eleven owned and four managed. We are not using them yet in our passenger ships. The passenger ships have been mostly laid-up due to the pandemic; two are just starting trading, and we are planning to use with them too." 

Which type of problems has Aderco's product solved for your fleet?

"Aderco solves two major problems. First, it keeps the fuel tanks very clean. This was very important in 2020 when the sulfur-cap regulation came into force because tanks had to be physically cleaned, but thanks to Aderco, the tanks did not have any extensive build-up of sludge and were easy to clean. Second, ships use purifiers to ensure that oil is purified to a certain standard. Aderco increases the performance of the purifiers drastically."

Are there any other advantages?

"They also improve viscosity and provide easier combustion—better operation. Both Aderco's products offer the same benefits because they provide the same fuel treatment with the difference that one is used with VLSFO and the other with HSFO."

Where do your vessels receive our products?

"That has been challenging because our ships are tramping worldwide, and logistics are difficult in some regions like South America and Africa. We use convenient stockpoints for the ships to stock Aderco's products."

Is there anything else you would like to add?

"We started the relationship with Aderco in 2018 after I joined the company. It has been very healthy, and we are very happy with the support they are giving us and also appreciative of the initiatives ADERCO has taken to go Green and reduce Carbon footprint. Campbell in its own way also has implemented measures to reduce GHG emissions ."

We thank Mr. Amit Ghosh and Campbell Shipping for another pretty insightful interview.