Interview of Mr. Surajit Chanda, Vice President Technical of Hafnia

Before the end of the year, we interviewed Mr. Surajit Chanda, Vice President Technical of Hafnia, considered the largest product tanker fleet in the world, another important client of Aderco

1) Your company has used Aderco's products for several years, could you please tell us how you became aware of our products and how satisfied you have been with them?

"At Hafnia, previously BW Tankers, we started using Aderco first in 2004. We were offered a "No cure, no pay" trial and, at that time, I was the Technical Superintendent of the vessel "Noto," where we conducted this trial. It was successful and the results good; after this, we started using Aderco for the rest of the Fleet."

2) Are you using Aderco's products in all your vessels (owned and chartered, all ages), or only in some of them?

"We use Aderco on all our Hafnia vessels, both internally and externally managed. External vessels were included before the Sulphur 2020 Cap came in because Aderco helped clean the bunker tanks in preparation for the change to VLSFO, saving costs and downtime for manual cleaning. Our Hafnia Bunker Team has also recommended usage of Aderco to their non-Hafnia clients, and I have often been approached for advice regarding Aderco from technical managers who are our bunker clients.

3) What were some of the problems that your vessels suffered before you started using Aderco's products? Could you mention two or three of the issues that were corrected by using our products?

"We have used Aderco for so long that it is difficult to remember the problems faced before we started with Aderco. However, I recall we had major costs involved cleaning sludge from bunker tanks during dry dockings, piston ring packs got dirty soon, exhaust gas boilers had to be soot blown three times a day, causing the poop decks to be covered with soot always. Frequent filter cleaning, dirtier scavenge spaces and exhaust manifolds, etc., etc." 

4) Could you please describe how the logistics and use of Aderco's products operate? 

"Normally we stock enough Aderco for six months of bunkering, this way we can plan deliveries at convenient ports where Aderco has stock points like Singapore, Fujairah, Rotterdam and Houston. Aderco is stored in the Steering Gear Room along with other chemicals in the designated Chemical store. The 4th Engineer is in charge of dosing as he is the designated assistant to the Chief Engineer during bunkering."

5) Is there anything else that you would like to mention regarding your company and our products?

"Hafnia has used Aderco for over 17 years, including for our Externally Managed vessels. I am particularly proud to be the first to use Aderco in Hafnia, and happy we have had such a fruitful relationship over all these years."

We thank Mr. Chanda for all his valuable insights!