Aderco improves the performance of ships purifiers03-05-2022

Aderco's products are like magic forests that keep surprising and amazing you, whatever direction you look at. An often overlooked benefit is the significant way they drastically improve the performance of ships purifiers. Why is this important? What role do purifiers play?
Contaminants such as water, dirt, metals, sludge, etc., can certainly degrade bunker quality. Different approaches are used to remove impurities; two of the best-known methods being to resort to the laws of physics, namely, gravity and centrifugal forces. The former is nothing more than through the use of settling tanks, in which the "dirty" substances settle at the bottom of the tank. The application of heat accelerates the process. The latter uses incredible speeds to create centrifugal forces to separate the oil from the solid contaminants and water (again, it is gravity but augmented gravity due to the centrifugal forces); in other words, separation is achieved thanks to the density differences of each element. These machines, which look from the inside like some alien spaceship (see the picture below), are purifiers.
The purifier is a bowl-shaped rotating machine with a stack of disks. By spinning at approximately 7,500 rpm (125 per second!), liquids and solids are immediately separated by the enormous force created by the centrifuge, with the shallow distance between the individual disks adding to the centrifugal force. As a result, sludge and other sediments are deposited below, water is discharged out from the neck, and, voila, the oil goes up, pretty clean! Fascinating, isn't it?
In brief, Aderco's products help to maximize this entire process. Our products improve the performance of this complex, spaceship-looking machine!