Aderco L1050 Lubricity Improver

Aderco L1050 Lubricity Improver

Introduced in 2010, ADERCO L1050 is selected by major shipping companies as the perfect answer to lubricity issues created by the low sulphur marine fuel oil challenge (0.10% sulphur cap).

The primary purpose of ADERCO L1050 is to restore the lubricity needed to ensure separation of

moving parts. It does so by creating a thin polarised protective film.

This minimises friction and wear on fuel-lubricated components, such as fuel pumps and injection systems. Unlike earlier-generation

products available on the market, ADERCO L1050 has been developed to solve specific problems in the marine industry. It also addresses certain undesirable effects encountered with earlier products, like

solubility, stability and incompatibility.

ADERCO L1050 has the following unique features and properties:

• Synthesised molecule - 100% vegetal-organic based

• Ashless & metal-free

• Excellent solubility and compatibility with LS Marine Gas Oil

• No troublesome gum deposits

• Non-hazardous – solvent-free

• No transportation restrictions, airfreight-approved (flash point: 159°C min)

• Highly concentrated (dosage: 1 litre for 30 tonnes of LS fuel)

• Easy to use – direct dosage into LS MGO tank – prior to bunkering

• Compatible with all other Aderco products

• REACH-compliant

Aderco means:

35 years of experience in fuel treatments for improving efficiency, performance and sustainability in the marine industry – around the world, around the corner.

Aderco Marine sprl, based in Brussels, Belgium is dedicated to serving our marine customers worldwide. With over 20 stock points and offices across the globe, Aderco’s logistics ensure supply security as well as quick and effective response. In addition, we work through a network of local agents in key regions worldwide to provide outstanding technical, sales and customer support.