Aderco 2055G 4in1 Fuel Conditioner / 2-Stroke Marine

Aderco 2055G 4in1 Fuel Conditioner / 2-Stroke Marine

Made from plant extracts and extremely concentrated (1 litre for 55 tons of fuel), Aderco 2055G 4in1 Fuel Conditioner for Heavy Fuel Oil and Light Distillates is the responsible choice in terms of Economy, Efficiency and Environment.

Aderco 2055G 4in1 Fuel Conditioner enables fuel to deliver more power and efficiency – more sustainably. It is 4 Products in 1:

- Sludge Dispersant

- Microbial Growth Inhibitor

- Fuel Stabiliser

- Combustion Improver

and it makes no compromises in delivering this performance.

Aderco means:

35 years of experience in fuel treatments for improving efficiency, performance and sustainability in the marine industry – around the world, around the corner.

Based in Brussels, Belgium, Aderco Marine is dedicated to serving our marine customers worldwide. With over 20 stock points and offices across the globe, Aderco’s logistics ensure supply security as well as quick and effective response. In addition, we work through a network of local agents in key regions worldwide to provide outstanding technical, sales and customer support.

Aderco first started developing specialised fuel treatments in 1981 to address issues the ice-breaker fleet had in Canada at the time.

Today, Aderco develops, manufactures and distributes fuel conditioners, lubricity improvers and microbial control additives for the global marine, power generation, mining and land transportation industries.

Aderco’s fuel conditioners are vegetal-organic, 100% ashless and 100% metal-free, setting the benchmark for sustainability in fuel treatment solutions.

Besides improving efficiency and saving costs, Aderco products also come with dedicated and proactive customer service. This consistently earns Aderco a sterling reputation as problem-solvers when it comes to meeting the challenges related to using residual and distillate fuels.

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